About Us

About Us

  Asiaepros Sdn Bhd was founded in 2007 as a total IT solutions provider. The company has offices in two bustling commercial districts, Shah Alam and Banting. Just recently, we've decided to expand our business areas. In 2015, we branched out under the flag name AEP Consulting Sdn Bhd. Per this initiative, the company now professionally offers consulting services for businesses looking to expand their virtual horizons. 


  Asiaepros has been a trusted partner for many clients in resolving their IT problems and providing assistance in aligning their IT investments with their business goals. Before the incorporation of Asiaepros, the company was an IT Shared Service Department in a commercial organization for more than 15 years. Over the past 10 years, we have amassed a wealth of experience as we established and managed various IT operations for our clients. Among the many projects we have undertaken, we have also played an active role in the rolling out of SAP modules. 


  The management of the previous company endorsed a separation exercise during a corporate restructuring process. This proved beneficial to both parties. Being an independent entity has made us stronger and capable of venturing into new business areas. 

As a company, we strive to:

  • always deliver the best results to our clients

  • use our strong expertise in technology application to help our clients align IT with their respective corporate fields

  • ensure a high standard of ethics and business conduct in our offices as well as with our dealings with clients

  • provide our customers with the best services we can offer


  A proven track record testifies to our excellent services. As of today, we cater to a wide range of customers, from new startups, SMEs to industrial conglomerates in O&G, power, and manufacturing industries.

  As your trusted partner, Asiaepros is all set and ready to meet your needs for the virtual workplace. Our team of highly trained IT professionals is equipped with the latest certifications and know-how to provide you with IT solutions that are tailored to your needs.


In line with our expansion initiative, we continue to enlarge our team and improve on our technology. Asiaepros is no longer one, but four companies operating under an umbrella to serve your comprehensive IT needs: 


1. Asia E-Pros Sdn Bhd
2. AEP Consulting Sdn Bhd
3. Twdor Sdn Bhd
4. Softstack PLT


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We at Asia E-Pros recognize this phrase well. You might see it on our business cards, you might hear it being said in conversation, or you just might have seen it smacked right across our homepage. It is a phrase that unites us as a company. Together, we are driven by the same passion to fix, to create, and to watch entire systems come to life.