Backup & Recovery​


Gain confidence with reliable disaster recovery solutions to ensure that data remains intact no matter the circumstances. 


Like disasters, IT environments are anything but standard. That’s why businesses need a single cross-platform solution that protects a mixed, hybrid environment.

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As part of our offerings, we have complete backup solutions, a robust disaster recovery plan, and cloud backups.


  • Backup Alternatives – We provide data archiving and reliable data storage with our data backup solutions. If you want an extra layer of protection, we work with products that use licenced data centres and have encryption options.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan – Our recovery plans are designed to quickly and easily restore access to your files. Your company will be up and running in no time with bare metal disaster recovery on a bootable USB drive, virtual disaster recovery on a virtual machine, or any of our recovery options.

  • Backups in the Cloud – We provide cloud, hybrid, and onsite backups. Due to multiple authentication layers, cloud backups are typically more reliable. Regardless of which option you choose, it will be completely controlled by our IT professionals and built to keep your company's data safe in a secure environment.

Asiaepros helps ensure that your data is fully protected and always available.​​

Creating Your Disaster Recovery Plan


Disaster recovery plans are essentials as part of a larger business continuity plan, A disaster recovery plan produces a process or set of procedures to adhere to in the event of an incident that threatens the security of your data/property. Regular data backups are part of this plan - something that needs to be incorporated fully in all parts of your system.

Why Invest in Backup and Recovery?


The disaster recovery plan should have contingencies for all your applications, data, servers, as well as your desktops, laptops, and other hardware. A single small vulnerability can lead to a cyberattack, bringing your operations to a halt. Your company will most likely be unable to proceed if you do not have everything backed up. And without a recovery plan in place, your downtime will result in serious costs.

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