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Contactless Thermal Registration System for Employees and Visitors

Secure your premises and prevent any possible viral outbreak with an all-in-one system for attendance, door access, temperature reading, and visitor system management. 


How does it work?









1. Fill in the Self-Declaration Form

  • Pre-Registration via Link (via the link provided by your host)

  • On-the-Spot Registration via QR Code (placed at Point of Entry)

  • All employees and visitors will be required to declare their travel history and current health status by completing a self-declaration form. All information collected will be used in accordance to PDPA.


2. Take a selfie/ Upload a photo

  • Upon registration, you will be required to upload a photo/selfie of yourself for verification purposes.


3. Verification and Fever Detection

  • Upon arrival, head over to the terminal. It uses facial recognition to retrieve your appointment details

  • (based on the photo you submitted in Step 2) & simultaneously detects your temperature – storing it in

  • your appointment details.


4. Advice by the reception

  • Scenario 1 : Healthy visitors can proceed for appointment

  • Scenario 2 : Unhealthy/ Suspected visitors will not be allowed to proceed for an appointment and to be escorted to an isolated zone for further verification.


5. Comprehensive security from hackers, viruses, and other threats

  • The flexibility to add new capabilities as needed without expensive upgrades

  • A system where employees can share ideas more easily and work more efficiently

  • Cost-savings in terms of software running on central servers

  • Improved storage efficiency and volume


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