Why Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is becoming a top priority for more and more businesses, and for good reason. Cyberattacks are affecting companies of all types, from small one-man operations to big corporations like Facebook and Youtube. Every year, cybercriminals become more and more creative with the forms of cyberattacks they perpetrate against businesses.

Microsoft released a new annual report in 2020, called the Digital Defense Report, covering cybersecurity trends from the past year. This report makes it clear that threat actors have rapidly increased in sophistication over the past year, using techniques that make them harder to spot.

This has become even more prevalent, especially with Covid-19 in 2020 which has resulted in a heightened amount of cyber incidents that involved fraud, intrusion and cyberharassment.

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Our Cyber Security Solutions


Our cybersecurity tools and services are tailored to protect your company's infrastructure and data properties, ensuring that your operations are secure and available at all times.

Asiaepros offers the following solutions and services to secure your data and network:


  • Email and Network Protection – Maintaining and implementing the right security solutions, such as anti-virus software, firewalls, web-content filtering, and spam filtering, to keep the gateways to your organisation safe and secure. Spam filtering also includes blocking and quarantining malicious emails that may contain viruses or malware.

  • Data Backup and Business Continuity –  Creating a solid business continuity plan to keep data backed up, safe, and secure, as well as ensuring that all backups are tested and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure a smooth recovery.

  • Secured Firewall – Unauthorized access to your network is prevented by a secure firewall.

  • Managed Anti-Virus and Malware Protection – Stay ahead of today's and tomorrow's viruses by tracking threat databases, detecting problems, and eliminating threats on a regular basis.

  • 365 days/24 hours System and Network Monitoring – identify and eliminate threats by monitoring on-premises and cloud assets in real time.

  • Web Activity Filtering – Prevent employees from accessing disruptive, malicious, or inappropriate websites.

  • Mobile Device Management – Enabling workers to access company data and processes on their smartphones and tablets without jeopardising security or compliance.

  • Industry-Specific Services – Providing tailored solutions to all types of businesses to ensure that their technology meets their requirements.

What can Cyber Security Solutions do for me?


Every day, businesses of all sizes and types face a variety of potential security threats. Reliable, complete, and total cybersecurity solutions can help with issues like these:

  • Human Error - Employee negligence, not malicious intent, is by far the most common cause of data breaches. Web filtering and other cybersecurity techniques reduce the likelihood of human error by preventing workers from visiting potentially dangerous websites or falling victim to phishing scams.

  • Insider criminal activity - Unfortunately, one of the hardest realities for both small and large businesses is the stealing of data from within the organization. Security solutions safeguard your information from the inside and make sure only those who need to know can access your sensitive data.

  • External threats - Hackers are becoming more adept at circumventing conventional firewalls and stealing your information. Cybersecurity measures ensure that your firewalls, anti-virus software, and other security solutions are still up to date and ready to secure your network.

  • Insufficient IT Infra - Small companies don't always have the funding or expertise to keep up with evolving threats and security best practices. Many businesses put their infrastructure at risk because they lack the funds to employ a dedicated IT team. Managed or cloud-based cybersecurity solutions, on the other hand, are a low-cost option for avoiding revenue loss in the event of a security breach.

Training the user

Did you know that the biggest weakness in your attempts to protect your company data and workflow is most definitely your employees? Since the emphasis is on technology, many IT professionals and business owners overlook the importance of ongoing training for workers to remain updated on phishing and social engineering exploits that use them in order to gain access to the company's network.

How Does Security Awareness Training for End Users Work?

To assist you in creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness within your organisation, Asiaepros has ready-to-go security training platforms and systems to deploy when needed. The system works in four stepss:

  • Step #1 – Train – Providing group or online interactive instruction

  • Step #2 – Test – Using automated, simulated attacks to see how your employees respond

  • Step #3 – Analyze – Providing statistics and graphs developed from the testing stage to indicate what information your employees absorbed from the training and what needs further attention

  • Step #4 – Repeat – The whole process is repeated for as long as necessary until all employees have been trained to identify and respond to cyber threats.

Asiaepros offers security awareness training in an affordable and easy-to-deploy package. Download the full Security Awareness Product Guide here for more info.

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